An introduction to MgO-C refractory bricks

An introduction to MgO-C refractory bricks
MgO-C refractory is widely used in steel making application, mainly in steel ladles , LD converters, electric arc furnaces and also in secondary steel making. It is a basic refractory with superior slag /metal corrosion and penetration resistance and excellent thermal shock properties at high temperatures. In steel ladle applications a carbon content of 8-20 wt% is used. The function of the C is to fill the porous structure, improve the slag / metal corrosion and penetration resistance due to its non-wetting character and enhancement of thermal shock resistance due to its high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion characteristics. Again formation of a nascent dense layer of MgO at the working surface of MgO-C brick, due to oxidation of Mg (produced on reaction between MgO and C) restricts the penetration of slag / metal components and thereby further improves the penetration and corrosion resistance. But C suffers from poor oxidation resistance and may oxidise to form CO and CO2 resulting in a porous structure with poor strength and corrosion resistance. Prevention of carbon oxidation is done by using antioxidants, which reacts with incoming oxygen, gets oxidised and protects carbon, thus retaining the brick structure and properties. These antioxidants play a vital role in the MgO-C brick performance.

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