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PASCO (Pejvak Andishe Sabz ltd. CO.) is an international trading company that knows the Iranian metallurgical and refractory market very well. you can send your inquiry to us and we will try to give you the best quotation whitin a short time. By this method, you don't need to spend your time for searching, checking producer capablities, negotiation and etc.. we will do all of those for you. Just let us know about your inquiry. 

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Melting Additives

We are trading ferro alloys such as FeSi, FeMo and FeCr, FeMn, FeSiMn, FeTi, FeV and etc. Also we supply recarburizers (CPC, GPC), anthracite coal, metallurgical coke and other additives for steel and casting industries.

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Foundry Products

There is a lot of industries which can produce high quality foundry products with reasonable cost in Iran. We can supply these products based on the drawing and specification of customer's need from related factories (up to 80 Mt/pcs).

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Steel Long Products

Because of overfilled mines of iron and also low energy cost, Iran has a large capacity for manufacturing steel long products. Our company could help you to find the best quality and cost effective long products among Iranian producers.

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